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Hypnotherapy / Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is also known as Hypnotherapy.

It has been used for decades to treat conditions from nail biting and smoking, to panic attacks, anxiety, depression, drinking and even a lack of motivation.

Did you know that the average person enters a hypnotic state 7 to 9 times per day?

Have you ever driven to work and barely remembered getting there? Have you ever watched a movie and being so into it you are cheering for the hero or crying for the heartbroken one? These are two examples of a hypnotic state you have experienced! 

Traditionally over the last number of decades the primary source for the treatment of addiction is the “12 step program.” This program can be profoundly helpful for many, and for others the program does not provide a long-term solution to their behavior. There are also a number of modified 12-step programs available which address addiction less as a chronic illness, and more as a behavioral choice. Regardless of what type of treatment someone chooses to embrace, all specialists agree in one fact, the process of caring for yourself and tending to the changes that you decide to make in your life, is ongoing, and a lifetime commitment, and your success or failure has a lot to do with your relationships in life.

It is for this reason that many people wisely seek out a long term therapeutic relationship with a counselor/therapist/coach to help them stay on the road of their choice, living a life of sobriety. Critical to all of these programs is the recognition that this journey cannot be done alone.

In keeping with this understanding that recovery can only be done in and through community, new research has emerged that is beginning to shed light on how critically important relationship and engagement in community is, in order to retain sobriety.

Dr. Alexander Professor Emeritus1, Professor at Simon Fraser University presents groundbreaking research2 that is beginning to teach us that substances such as alcohol or drugs are in themselves are not addictive agents – and that in fact, the quality of of social relationships is much more the culprit. Rats CuddlingDr. Alexander’s research in his ‘Rat Park’ concurred with previous research that rats, preferred cocaine and water over water IF housed in a typical laboratory cage with limited stimulation and no social interaction. However, the rats in the awesome ‘Rat Park’ had great friends, fun and food. They tried both the water and the cocaine – and choose water! By further illustration thousands of men and women have come back from war, or returned home after a protracted hospital stay, having spent days weeks and sometimes months on what we thought to be highly addictive drugs such as morphine – but upon their return they experience no addictive behaviours. What seems to be the very root of addiction does not seem to be the substance itself. It is beginning to appear at the very root cause of addiction is found in our social interpersonal relationships, or lack thereof.

This research highlights the critical underpinning of all 12 step programs – you cannot do this alone, and the quality of your relationships are the critical, if not curative, key to sobriety. 

In Clinical Hypnosis you are so relaxed that all that information and all those beliefs stored in your subconscious becomes readily available. Your habits, addictions and many behaviours are a response to what we know and believe on a subconscious level.

And since in clinical hypnotherapy we have access to the subconscious, you can choose to rewrite your stories in such a way that you no longer have any need or wish to respond to your beliefs in ways that you consider unhealthy or unhelpful. There is nothing magical about clinical hypnosis except how quickly you might experience change!

Clinical hypnotherapy can be a profound and powerful tool for anyone who wishes to make changes in their lives to be healthier, more motivated and well, just down right happier!

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Ready to Live a Life That Is
Balanced, Joyful and Happy?

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Ready to Live a Life That Is Balanced, Joyful and Happy?

NOW is the Time.

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