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Practical Treatments for Anxiety & Panic Attacks (APW)

6fc75925-b947-4232-93b1-0b446613a7beProgram Outline:
This is a interactive workshop that aims to provide doctors, therapists and front line access workers with a proven tool kit to help patients/clients end their panic attacks and self-manage their anxiety and stress levels. This program does not aim to examine diagnostic criteria or pharmacological treatment, (although resource material will be provided) but rather seeks to provide a proven set of practical hands-on tools and strategies by using interactive lectures, dyads, group work and case studies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Achieve a baseline or above competency in five primary maintenance techniques
  • Achieve a baseline or above competency in two interventional skills
  • Enhancement of the efficacy of provider/patient communication
  • Develop a conversational framework to teach patients how to separate, contextualize, and befriend their anxiety
  • Techniques* include Mindful Meditation, EFT, Cardiac Coherence and Pranayama, Emotional Guidance Scale, Patient Communication Strategies including the use of metaphor and reframing, and delivering psychoeducation.

*Some of these modalities are suitable in the treatment of depression – concurrent or otherwise


Why you should take this workshop (And how to save a wedding!):

Integrating The Science of Neuroplasticity into Your Counselling (NPW)

An Introductory WorkshopWhy-Conselling-Works

This workshop will give you an understanding of the plastic nature of our brains, and how you, as a therapist, coach or counsellor can tap into this nature both directly and indirectly. In understanding the basic concepts of neuroplasticity, you will learn how to craft your interactions, teachings, and exercises in a client-centric manner, to guide your patients and clients to create the kind of change in their world they have come to you to achieve. Tapping into our neuroplastic abilities is the key in helping others overcome depression, anxiety and addictions. We will talk about all three of these challenges and how to add to, or modify current treatments for best practices and positive practical outcomes.

Suitable for:

Social Workers & Social Service Workers
Doctors in Family Practice
Counselling Psychiatrists, Psychologists &Psychotherapists
Front Line and Direct Access workers
Life and Executive Coaches

Teachers and Workshop Leaders



Speaker Training | Train the Trainer (TTT)

tks-26Program Outline:

This a jam packed,  3-day, intensive, and highly participatory workshop in which you will learn and master a proven speaking template used by the best in the business – world class public speakers, workshop leaders and teachers.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Be a commanding and respected presence
  • Enrol and engage any audience
  • Develop trust and loyalty in your audience
  • Deliver information in a fun and compelling performance
  • Ensure your audience both LEARNS and RETAINS

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Workshop presenters or leaders
  • Mangers/Researchers who present
  • Teachers, Professors and Instructors
  • Employees or Management who do corporate presentations
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Sales Leaders and Trainers
  • Anyone with Anxiety about speaking to groups
  • Students and Class Presentations


Mindful Meditation as Treatment for Anxiety, Depression & Addictions (MMW)

90c92bf1-14e2-4344-8c8b-dd926b649390Program Outline:
This is a very interactive workshop that aims to provide front line workers such as social workers, therapists and doctors with the personal experience and practical tools to integrate mindful meditation into their client’s/patients treatment plans. Participants will be taught basic meditation techniques, and in the teaching experience we will illustrate how to deliver Mindful Meditation as a critical component of a wellness plan – particularly in the context of anxiety, depression and addiction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the therapeutic implication of Mindful Meditation through personal experience
  • Knowledge of how to integrate Mindful Meditation into a therapeutic treatment
  • Develop a conversational framework to teach patients/clients how to value and integrate Mindful Meditation as valuable tool in their recovery plan
  • Access shared resources for the development of a personal practice of Mindful Meditation and utilize these resources for patient/client care
  • Feel competent in teaching basic meditation skills to clients/patients25319167_s


For groups over 5 registrations from your organization, please call us for corporate rates.  We do provide these trainings on site – and for more information contact Todd Kaufman, Clinical Director at 1-800-699-3396.


Scholarship Seats are limited but are available in every class we offer as our commitment to ensuring those who want to help, have access to the resources.  To learn more and make an application for a scholarship click here: SCHOLARSHIPS



Corporate Custom Workshops & Programs

RI-Logo-Face1GenesisSquared partners with PERSONALITY RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL (PRI), an international team of organizational performance specialists focusing on optimizing individual and organizational performance through effective communications, relationships and interactions.
We create positive and productive group dynamics using an innovative and patented tool – ‘Identity MappingTM’. We enhance communication and relationships through non-intrusive self-discovery and an increased understanding of the gifts and talents of others. The result is increased effectiveness and productivity in individuals and the increased achievement of both personal and team/corporate goals.

Every workshop is customized to achieve your specific objectives.


A Free Workshops for Clients

Free Anxiety Management Workshop – Toronto (FFW)

Taking control of anxiety, panic attacks and depression
You will:

  • LEARN THE TOP FIVE PRACTICAL PROVEN SKILLS to manage your anxiety and depression
  • RECEIVE a new understanding of what anxiety and depression is REALLY about
  • BE GIVEN FREE the instructions that are taught in private sessions
  • A CHANCE TO meet and chat in person with Toronto’s Leading Anxiety Specialist

A Free Anxiety Management workshop packed with practical, proven strategies

Lead by Toronto’s Anxiety Specialist, Registered Psychotherapist Todd Kaufman you will be introduced to the skills others have used to eliminate Panic Attacks, Manage Your Anxiety, Minimize Stress and begin to Beat Depression.  This session warrants no cures but is solely a practical information opportunity to show you how others have found a way to live happy and stress free lives.




All workshops, unless otherwise noted, are held at 47 Queens Park Cres E, Toronto, On M5G1M1.  This is the beautiful red brick victorian located on the south west corner of Queens Park Cres East and St. Joeseph’s Street.  Please let us know if you have any accessibility challenges. Click here for a MAP.