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How To Manage Anxiety & End Panic Attacks – The Complete Solution

The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP)

Ready to End Your Panic Attacks and Mange Your Anxiety?  

The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP)

By Todd Kaufman, B.A., B.F.A, M.Div. RP

EVERYONE is deserving of a happy, stress-free life, and for so many they have achieved this goal with the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP). 

In this book, ARP is carefully outlined in an easy to read and engaging way.  Readers tell us it is just like having an Anxiety Specialist sitting right in the room with them!

Psychologist and Professor Dr. Fred Leafgren is founder of the The National Wellness Institute. We sent him an advance copy of the book and he wrote back to us less than 12 hours later and said this:

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and learned a lot as well.  I love the stories, the metaphors, and your writing is like you are talking to me right in the room.  Thanks for letting me review the book. Please tell your readers:

‘If you experience anxiety and/or panic attacks, this book is absolutely the right prescription for you!’

Dr. Fred Leafgren, Psychologist

Founder of the The National Wellness Institute

Paperback version will be available Fall 2018. Purchase your eBook now and received a pre-launch special price offer for the paperback!

Ready to End Your Panic Attacks and Mange Your Anxiety?

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