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Facing Cancer or any other serious diagnosis can be tough. Here is my story. With no history of cancer in my family, and doing my best to lead a healthy lifestyle, it was quite the shock last fall to have a friend, who is a Head & Neck surgeon notice a lump…


It is human nature to become a little sad from time to time, or even depressed. But for those of you who have experienced depression including Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), the accompanying feelings of sadness, loneliness, worthlessness…

Creating Happiness

It is understood that to create lasting change it takes a minimum of 66-99 days of consistent practice. This includes creating happiness! Physiologically we are talking about creating new neuro-networks in your brain – new ways of thinking and being.

Making Affirmations Work

It is well known that the use of positive affirmations can be very helpful in detecting the changes in your life you wish. Great motivators such as Louise Hay, Sally Fisher and Wayne Dyer, have encouraged this practice. Affirmations such as, “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!” are used by millions of people worldwide.

Rumble Strips – Habits and Addictions

Sometimes life hurts. And pain is not something most of us enjoy, and in particular, pain is something that your brain is programmed to avoid.

When life frustrates us or causes us pain, it is frequently obvious as to its source. There are also times when our subconscious becomes frustrated and hurt. On both counts our brain moves to protect us by either fighting back, or avoidance. This is our primal “fear or flight” programming.


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