Now Offering E-counseling, Phone, and Online Therapy

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It has been said, “If there is one thing that always remains consistence, it is change.” When we are talking about technology, there is perhaps no truer statement!

The practice of psychotherapy began many years ago, and it is modern day form one might say it began with Freud. We have all seen the classic picture of a person stretched out on a couch having a long, one-sided conversation with a great bearded man taking notes on a pad and saying nothing.

Psychotherapy, counselling, and coaching, in no way looks like these days of old. Current methods of psychotherapy are both interactive, and in some cases instructive. As technology has entered everyone’s home, there has become a need for therapists to be able to respond to clients in more immediate, and modern ways.

At GenesisSquared many of our clients travel extensively and many of our clients live on social media, and develop their social network and friendships through these mediums. In an effort to continually support our clients GenesisSquared has recently undergone a major overhaul in both our website and in the ways that we practice.

Because for so many, their online life occupies as much if not more time in their schedule, then face-to-face interchanges, GenesisSquared wanted to be able to comfortably fit into these folks lives. On our new website you will see that we have introduced E-counseling (email counselling), Telephone counselling, and Online Therapy via Skype video counselling. Each one of these forms of support are best suited to help people in different ways. Check out a more detailed description for each of these forms of counselling on our website.

We are pretty proud of the new website! We have a new fresh clean look, which we think is a lot friendlier and informative. We wanted you, the client to get a real sense of how we can support you in both your personal and professional life.

We hope you love our snappy new video on our homepage as much as we do!

At GenesisSquared we can help you manage depression, addictions, anxiety panic and stress, anger management, and grief and terminal illness.  We also provide couple counselling. In addition to these personal issues GenesisSquared has an expertise in life coaching and executive coaching to help you navigate both your personal and professional journey.

As well, we are very excited to have launched a “therapist network” which welcomes therapists to join into a community of support for each other, and youth the client. The network will bring therapist new clients, online payment options for clients, discounted continuing education programs and access to a network of prescreening and qualified peers for both help, supervision, and referrals.

We are also very pleased to announce the launching of our new “We Come to You” HouseCallsTM service!

Potential clients have been reaching out to us asking if we can bring a therapist to their home, office, nursing home, and to those who work lacking mobility to get to our offices. A wonderful friend of ours who lives in a nursing home pushed this pilot project out the door. She made it pretty darn clear that she expected us to come to her, particularly in the midst of a Canadian winter! We heard her point, and we are working with a number of therapists who will be prepared to do HouseCallsTM. A special thanks to Gladys for that push!

All of this information is on our website. And if you are a therapist of any sort, we’d welcome you to join us through the therapist sign-up page.

GenesisSquared was created out of a belief that we can make the world a better place, one conversation at a time. We are deeply committed to supporting folks in their personal and professional journeys. We bring a broad range of expertise to help you face challenges in your world, and make your world and your relationships a wonderful and joyous thing!

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