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Facing Cancer or any other serious diagnosis can be tough.  Here is my story. With no history of cancer in my family, and doing my best to lead a healthy lifestyle, it was quite the shock last fall to have a friend, who is a Head & Neck surgeon notice a lump he saw on my neck ... Read More »


Addiction Changing Harmful Behaviours Addiction is a very loaded word. And often when we think about addiction, we think about some of the most difficult and challenging and harmful of human behavior, misusing alcohol, drugs, and sometimes emotional addiction like unhealthy relationships. Addiction comes in many forms, from participating in extreme behaviors that may endanger our ... Read More »


It is human nature to become a little sad from time to time, or even depressed. But...... Read More »

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- (CBT) A practical approach to change   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a practical and widely used method to effect changes in your life and is used by psychotherapists, psychologists, and even some life coaches. It is a practical behavioral therapy used for many mental health and behavioral challenges including depression, anxiety ... Read More »

Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness, Ending Depression Making Lasting Positive Change It is understood that to create lasting change it takes a minimum of 66-99 days of consistent practice.  This includes creating happiness! Physiologically we are talking about creating new neuro-networks in your brain – new ways of thinking and being. When an athlete strives to prefect a body movement ... Read More »

The Business of Marriage: A Powerful Key to Long-Term Lovin’

Falling in love may come easy, staying in love can often be a bit more challenging.  Are you interested in knowing what this therapist has learned to be the number one tool to help you make it in the long run? Read on… Divorce rates all across the globe have been rising significantly in the ... Read More »

Top 12 Reasons People Work with a Therapist

Ever wondered if therapy is for you? Check out these Top 12 Reasons People Work with a Therapist… 1. Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and SO ready to end these feelings 2. Depressed, sad or grieving, and want to feel happiness again 3. Concerned about using alcohol or drugs and ready to cope with life on ... Read More »

Making Affirmations Work

It is well known that the use of positive affirmations can be very helpful in detecting the changes in your life you wish. Great motivators such as Louise Hay, Sally Fisher and Wayne Dyer, have encouraged this practice. Affirmations such as, “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!” are used by ... Read More »

Rumble Strips – Habits and Addictions

Sometimes life hurts. And pain is not something most of us enjoy, and in particular, pain is something that your brain is programmed to avoid. When life frustrates us or causes us pain, it is frequently obvious as to its source. There are also times when our subconscious becomes frustrated and hurt. On both counts ... Read More »

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis in a clinical setting to help clients overcome challenges in their lives. It is often used to help overcome smoking, nail biting, and other such habits. It can also be an integral part of a psychotherapeutic plan to help someone guide his or her life towards a satisfying and ... Read More »

Tapping – Powerful Psychological Tool

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping, is a one of many psychological tools that can be used in proactive and progressive counselling and psychotherapy. Tapping integrates Western medicines new found understanding of neurological development and patterning, with Eastern medicines understanding of energy and the meridians in the body by which this energy travels.  Western medical studies ... Read More »

The New Science of Counselling – Counselling Toronto

A fascinating look at the new science of why counselling and psychotherapy can really change your life… Looking for counselling in Toronto? Or online? GenesisSquared provides a personalized, confidential one-on-one, in-person and online options to solving your challenges and creating the life you desire, quickly and effectively.... Read More »

Stress in the City

There are ups and downs to living in a city. One downfall is certainly stress. Find out how you can relieve stress and stop living with stress in the city… We specialize in providing Anxiety Treatment in Toronto, and Online!... Read More »

Tools For Happiness

In the last decade there have been dozens of studies around happiness. What is happiness? How was it created? How can we sustain happiness? These have been the proposals of academic studies, PhD thesis’, and the main thrust of inquiry for institutions such as the Dalai Lama’s ‘Mind Life Institute.’ Less academic, but often as ... Read More »

Parenting Your Brain

How to Stop Doing What You’re Doing If It’s Doing No Good! We have all done and things that we know are not in our best interest. “I just couldn’t help myself,” is a worn plea I frequently hear from new clients.  They come to me with stories of regret, stories or frustration, stories of ... Read More »

A Practical Approach to Recovering From Depression

‘The Emotional Guidance Scale’ Depression can be a powerful and disabling disease. Not unlike a virus it can seek to destroy its host through slowly disassembling every belief and experience you have ever had that supported you. In previous articles I have likened depression to a corps of engineers who are dedicated to destroying your ... Read More »

The Power of Virtual Counselling

With the launch of GenesisSquared’s new website, we are proud to introduce our Virtual Counselling Services.  Virtual Counselling will be available in three ways: video counselling online, telephone counselling, and email counselling. Each of these forms of counselling have been around for many years, and there is substantial research that shows they can be highly ... Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions – How to Make Them Stick!

It is that time a year again when many of us are inspired to create a new start and to undertake new and worthwhile endeavors: To get healthier, eat better, lose weight, get back to the gym… All wonderful goals and resolutions that far too often fail. One of the key reasons we fail at ... Read More »

The Perfect Christmas Gift

It ‘tis the season for celebration and too, for gifting. For many of us it has become customary during the month of December to celebrate our holiday season, and religious events such as Christmas and Hanukkah, by the giving of gifts. This is a wonderful opportunity to show others how much we appreciate and care ... Read More »


With Christmas just around the corner the pressure is on to get organized for the holidays. For many that can be a whirlwind of family commitments, shopping for presents, decorating your home, and a slew of other demands. For many this season brings back memories of lost ones. In between he stress of a demanding ... Read More »

“We Come To You” – HouseCalls ™

My name is Todd Kaufman and I am the principal and founder of GenesisSquared. I’m writing to you on a cold November day, and as I look out the window of my office I can see that the snow has finally returned to blanket our wonderful city in slippery streets, and hills now made for ... Read More »

Now Offering E-counseling, Phone, and Online Therapy

  It has been said, “If there is one thing that always remains consistence, it is change.” When we are talking about technology, there is perhaps no truer statement! The practice of psychotherapy began many years ago, and it is modern day form one might say it began with Freud. We have all seen the ... Read More »

Counselling and Therapy Toronto

Counselling & Therapy Toronto From the Founder and Clinical Director: A Personalized Approach to Solving Your Challenges Quickly and Effectively  That is my promise to you. No two people are alike – you are unique. I do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Todd is trained in a multiple of techniques and approaches ... Read More »

Anxiety Treatment in Toronto & Online

Agoraphobia Treatment, Anxiety Treatment in Toronto & Online, Coping with Stress Coping with stress in its most severe circumstances can mean managing or learning to eliminate panic attacks, also know as anxiety attacks.  There are a series of both psychological and physiological events which lead up to that dreaded feeling we experience in a full ... Read More »

Psychotherapy OHIP & Insurance

Your mental health is directly connected to you physically health. Stress, depression, anxiety and other issues have a direct relation to illness. Although this fact is scientifically proven, the Ontario Health Insurance Program  (OHIP) does not provide insurance for psychotherapists and most forms of psychological therapy. Third Party Insurance / Employee Benefit Programs Psychotherapy OHIP ... Read More »

Depression Hurts

– Depression Hurts – Clinical depression is a disease – or a dis-ease, it strives to make you ‘uneasy.’  A powerful metaphor for depression is to consider the disease as a team of engineers, whose primary purpose is to tear down bridges, not build them.  The bridges that depression seeks to destroy are those bridges, ... Read More »

Pre-marriage Counselling

Pre Marriage Counselling Communication Sessions | Couples frequently say to me, “If we needed pre marriage counseling or communication skills training, we wouldn’t be getting married!” I certainly understand the sentiment, and indeed if your relationship was not going well and your heart full of love then you should not be getting married! Why should ... Read More »

Mindfulness Therapy Changes Your Brain

  Mindfulness therapy is simply the therapeutic use of a type of meditation called mindfulness that is designed to calm your mind – and now using brain scan technology we see concrete proof it can actually change your mind!  In fact it can reduce depression, pain, stress, and even make people less self-centered. Mindfulness is ... Read More »

Why Counselling Works – Psychotherapy

The Key to Change – Psychotherapy Neuroplasticity Why Counselling Works One of the first questions I always receive, particularly from skeptics and those who have never sought any form of mentoring, coaching, or counseling before, ask: “What is it that you do that actually seems to work, and have made such a profound change in ... Read More »

Training for Therapists

Workshops for: Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches Emotional Intelligence as a Therapeutic Tool (Certifying Course, Level One for PRI Trainer Certification) Course Code: EI-1/2 This two-day program does double duty for therapists, counsellors and coaches! This engaging program utilizes the patented process of ‘Identity Mapping’ founded by Dr. Fred Leafgren Personality Resources International (PRI) and based ... Read More »

Wedding Photo Gallery

    Wedding Photo Gallery  Photo by Read More »

Ceremonies | Weddings

Weddings | Baptisms | End of Life Celebrations | Life & Gender Transition Ceremonies Todd who lives in Toronto and Blue Mountains is experienced in officiating ceremonies of many types and will invest great care in ensuring your ceremony is a unique and memorable celebration that reflects your needs and beliefs.  He is an accomplished ... Read More »


Dynamic training programs! Communicate, value and understand the patient's voice. Build patient-centric care teams. Improve patient satisfaction, treatment compliance, and diagnostic outcomes. Increase HCAHPS scores.... Read More »


Personal Counselling and Therapy (Overcoming fears, depression, anxiety, public speaking, premarital counselling) Business and Life Coaching: Executives, managers & staff. Leadership development, change management and people development. ... Read More »


Customized designed workshops. Uniquely delivered to meet your goals and objectives. (Client Satisfaction, Employee Retention, Leadership Development) Supportive integration with existing programs. Cost effective with Train the Trainer modules.... Read More »