EMDR Eye Desensitization Movement and Reprocessing

If you suffer from PTSD, Trauma or Stress, you are in the right place. Todd Kaufman is a trained EMDR Therapist with a specialty in Anxiety.

THE RIGHT TOOLS for the job
EMDR is a clinically proven technique, endorsed by major psychiatric organizations, the World Helath Organization and many First Responders to treat the symptoms of PTSD and Trauma. In addition to being trained in EMDR we integrate a number of other skills so you areassured of getting the help kind of help best suited to your needs, goals and preferences.

Our practitioners are registered with qualifying organizations and our fees are covered by most insurance plans.  Need more information? Call us now at 1-800-699-3396

Ready to End Your PTSD?

Thousands of people globally have received relief from EMDR including 9/11 First Responders and other disaster victims. I have first hand experience in facilitating the profound change that EMDR can create. We will show you how to quickly end the symptoms of PTSD and Trauma with drug-free solutions.

We are more then traditional psychotherapy. We give you a broad range of practical tools and skills that have created anxiety free lives for hundreds of people much like you.  Our unique multifaceted  approach and techniques have helped so many people feel better and live stress free, panic free lives.

Our specialized training means you get results.

End your PTSD and Trauma.  Haven’t you waited long enough?

I’m Todd Kaufman the Anxiety Specialist and the Clinical Director. Let’s talk now.

We are a dedicated group of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who love what we do.  We never stop learning how to help you become better and stronger.  We have specialists who are committed to changing lives for the better.

We embrace all sorts of techniques and training because we know that it takes different approaches to get results for different people.  Hey, we know you are unique – so we have unique, powerful and proven solutions.

At our convenient downtown offices, we offer a full compliment of services to help individuals, and couples, with many differing challenges – in addition to our Anxiety Clinic.  We also offer online support for some issues.

Still need more information?  Call us at 1-800-699-3396.

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