Panic Attacks Anxiety Disorder




14683075_sDifficulty Breathing?  Heart Pounding?


Losing control?  Can’t Sleep?

Feel like you are dying?

Are Your Health, Job, Relationships, or Social Life Suffering?

Avoiding social situations, places or crowds?

The harder you try and stop them, them bigger they get?

These are symptons of panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and stress.

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You may be suffering from Panic Disorder and or Generalized Anxiety Disorder – and both experiences can be quickly managed with the right tools and proven coaching techniques.

Panic Attacks are extremely uncomfortable – they are not dangerous!* 

(Despite every fibre of your body telling you otherwise!)

*Constant stress however, is a serious health issue if not treated

The following 4 minute video shares THE TWO KEY STRATEGIES to end Panic Attacks!:


Todd Kaufman, Clinical Director

Todd Kaufman, Clinical Director

I have helped hundreds of people who are just like you, men, woman, straight, gay, trans, students, executives, managers, policemen, firemen, politicians, actors, and unemployed, moms, dads, husbands, wives, partners, brides-to-be, all clients – now living comfortable, panic attack free lives.

In most cases I can show you how to end these overwhelming feelings in just 6-10 sessions. Sometimes less.

Call me at 1-800-699-3396 and let’s talk in person how I can help you put and end to these feelings and get on with your life!


depression-freeEnd your Panic Attacks Now

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PS:  If you are stressed and debating about making this call, it is probably the voice of Anxiety debating with you!  The ONLY thing you have to lose is your panic attacks and/or anxiety! Go ahead and pick up the phone, trust me, that little voice of anxiety will be just fine!

PPS: If you can’t make that telephone call right now, fill out the inquiry box on this page and I promise I will get back to you ASAP.