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Todd Kaufman is Toronto’s Anxiety Specialist
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This is our promise to you. TheAnxiety.Clinic provides a personalized, confidential one-on-one, in-person and online options to solving your challenges and creating the life you desire, quickly and effectively. We will help you manage:
  • Sex & Gender
  • Anger Management
  • Career /School Counselling
  • Spirituality
  • Pre-marital Counselling
  • Communication Skills
  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching

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Men and Therapy Its Not a Guy Thing?

Men and Therapy Its Not a Guy Thing?

You are not the first to dream of being the best boyfriend, partner, dad, brother, or son. Like so many other areas of your life, there are people trained to coach you into being the best you can be.

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Making A Habit, Breaking A Habit

Making A Habit, Breaking A Habit

After decades of helping people undo all sorts of mental health challenges including anxiety, it has become very clear that many behaviours and feelings we experience are deeply rooted as habits, if not just a habit itself. A habit is an automatic action or reaction,

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Anxiety Panic Disorder and Medication

Anxiety Panic Disorder and Medication

Does medication cure these challenges? No. The medication used for anxiety and panic attacks either help lower the hormones in your system that give you the symptoms, or they attempt, through a couple of different mechanisms, to make your feel-good hormones more plentiful.

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